Where our journey started...

Started as a distributor to provide the best cannabis products to our neighbor dispensaries in Orange County, CMX is a full-service cannabis distribution and logistics company, offering supply-chain solutions to brands, cultivators, manufacturers, other distributors, and retailers. 

CMX provides sourcing and transportation, packaging and tracking, as well as sales and marketing.  

We work exclusively with state-licensed partners who are equally dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabis products to the California market.

Our Promise to You


We know your business is precious. We honor that with white-glove treatment that goes beyond what is merely acceptable. You deserve prompt, personal attention, and meticulous accuracy, and we deliver.

By partnering with us, we provide you an instant sales team with deep market immersion and exceptional sales results. Our team of professional and motivated staff are adept at promoting your products — so that you can focus on your craft.

We represent your product with integrity, ensuring fair and honest business practices each step of the way. You can rest assured knowing that our sales team will treat your business as our top priority, devoting the same level of care and effort that you put into your own product.

Today, we’re a leading statewide distribution and logistics company, but we’ve stayed true to our original mission of being a network that connects like-minded cannabis lovers: growers, retailers, marketers, manufacturers, extractors and more – all coming together to help each other. For thousands of folks whose businesses we touch and connect CMX is more than a distributor – we’re a cannabis community.



We deliver our partners’ products to more than 240 state-licensed dispensaries throughout California, covering more than 60% of all licensed retailers in the state!

Our sales team and statewide infrastructure provides a direct path to greatly expand the presence of your brand and fulfill all of your product orders throughout the state.  Let our team work with you to make sure the right products are being served in the right stores.

Compliance and Taxation


Becoming and remaining compliant can be confusing, expensive, and timely. Our in-house experts will work with you through the complex and ever-evolving regulations to ensure everything is 100% compliant.



We transport products for licensed cannabis businesses ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE within California. Our large-volume trade routes span the entire state, from Humboldt to San Diego, and include secure and compliant storage at our Costa Mesa facilities.  We have the resources to manage the complex supply chain network, from laboratory testing to legal requirements to logistics support in our warehouse. Whether you are in need of professional order fulfillment, 3rd party sales and fulfillment, testing or other services, we can fulfil all of your logistical needs.





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